Friday, October 30, 2009

Is it May Yet?

We are very happy.
This is why:

Tanya will be a college graduate in approximately 7 weeks. She has been working really hard and is happy that she will be able to spend the "bad" winter months (January to April) NOT trudging around the UofU campus wearing Uggzz and an over-sized, novelty, fur-lined coat for the first time in years.

Rodney will graduate in approximately 6 months. He was thrilled to stay up until midnight on Tuesday registering for classes at BYU for the very LAST time! After he finishes his last final in April, he will moonwalk out of the testing center, slapping everyone's butt, and pouring diet coke all over everyone.

We will both "walk" and get our diplomas within a week of each other.

And then we will spend 2 weeks HERE

With these goofs
Doing this (I wish we were this good)
And staying here (where the virgin margaritas will flow like water)
And zip-line through this
Vamos . . . . a . . . . Costa . . . . RICA!
is it Mayo yet?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Zumba Anyone?

Let me tell you a story . . .
About 5 months ago I went to the gym in hopes of attending a Pilates class. Little did I know the scheduled had just been changed and Zumba was now being held during that time. I decided to stick it out and try it anyway. It was so much fun! How could it not be? Put me in a room, turn on some loud music, force me to shake my hips, and it's bound to be a good time. I liked this class so much that I chose Zumba for my modality to focus on during my group fitness training class this semester. Then last Saturday I went to an all day Zumba training. I shook my rump for 10 hours and earned myself self the right to be an instructor. I am now certified and looking for a job teaching. You may be asking yourself, "what the heck is Zumba?" Zumba is an aerobic exercise class that uses the music and style of Latin and International dance. It's like going to a party instead of working out. I just want to leave you with two things: First, if you've never taken a Zumba class GO NOW! Second, if you know of anyone looking for a Zumba instructor, tell me!!

Much love, Tan

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Last week Rod and I went on "our hike" up Big Cottonwood Canyon. On the top of this very rock over one year ago Rod asked me to marry him.

It was cold

But the food was classy

And the view was gorg

Right after he purposed we took a picture just like this. Rod cross eyed = pure joy.

And then we lived happily ever after.

I love Fall!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cupcake Fedora Boutique is Officially Open for Business!

That's right!! Our boutique (featured on Etsy) is alive and kickin'! Go here to find your next fashion statement!

And here's a preview of some of what you'll find there

(We're also in the process of adding jewelry and a lot more headbands, which will be added to the shop soon!)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Krazy Korn!

So. . . we went on a double date (we set our friend Gent up with my friend Kendall from work) and we had pizza from The Pie (our favorite) and went to the Krazy Korn Maze!

Gentry and Tanya had so much fun running around in the corn. They said the last time they had this much fun searching for clues in a giant field of growing, edible plant life was at the Dole Plantation on Oahu 2.5 years ago (see picture below).

So good.

Thanks to Kendall's iphone we were able to see the map and also google the clues to the questions we had to answer and punch at each post in order to win free bowling passes.

They luff each other.

I eated the Kornzz.

Kendall and I also had fun looking for clues . . . although we didn't get to scare anyone like we wanted to. We really only ran into like 2 other groups of people the whole time.

Happy 24th, Snitches!

On Saturday we celebrated 2 of our good friends (Sharla and Gentry) turning 24! It seems like just yesterday they were 23.
We went to Cheesecake Factory (tradish) and then had bird-day cake at our apt. Tanya is getting good at decorating cakes, right?

The birthday girls.

Just the girls in general.

Gentry got to blow them out cuz her birthday is closer!