Wednesday, March 11, 2009

dance, dance

I heart LA

We went to L.A. . . . 'nuff said

Lost Creek Living

We finally got around the taking pictures of our apartment.  450 square feet of fun!  We really do like it, we just don't like flushing hundreds of dollars down the toilet every month.  


We had the chance to go to St. George a few times in the last couple of months, mostly to visit Tanya's Grandma in her last few weeks before she passed.  Here are some pics of our adventures (we didn't have a camera the time we took pics with Grandma, we'll try to find those ones)

Just doin' what brothers do

Valentine's day at the pasta factory

longest . . . winter . . . ever

This winter just doesn't seem to end.  we've tried to make the most of it though. 

We had some hussies over for dinner in our apt.  Tanya made really good enchiladas!

We went ice skating with friends Jill & Jared, and Dani & Nic

Dani & Nic - Engaged like it's hot

My pants ripped open so bad, I had to wear this scarf around my leg to hide my shame

Decorating Valentines cookies with Grandma Phillips

A poem

Danielle and Brenden came to visit.  Brenden got his own baby banana cream pie.  Darls as usual.

Our First Christmas!

We had a great Christmas right after getting home from Hawaii.  It was kind of sad that we missed half the season, but . . . . worth it!  We got to do all the traditional stuff like decorating gingerbread houses and wearing Christmas PJ pants.  It wasn't even bad having to share Christmas between two families, it was just one party to the next. 

We made a Hawaiian beach house complete with palm trees and ocean with fish.

The extent of our Christmas decorating in our apartment

Brenden in his darls Santa suit he wore all Christmas Eve

Christmas Grillzzz

Christmas PJ Pants

Poppin' bottles all night


Church lady hats

White elephants - always a hit!

Coldest night of snowboarding . . . ever!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our Utah Reception

    2 days after we got home from our honeymoon, we had our Utah reception at Le Jardin in Sandy.  It was supposed to be really low-key, but leave it up to our families to make it amazing and more than we could have imagined.  It was perfect, from the shaved ice to the cupcake wedding cake to the giant bowl of runts to the tropical flowers and everything else.  It was like paradise in the middle of a snowstorm.  Here are some of our favorite pictures, taken by Erin Gadd.

Le Jardin

Tanya and her girls

Gang's all here (Just missing Brian, Amy, and Ender)

G-ma and G-pa Freeman

Cutting our Cake

One of our random crumping outbursts during our first dance (really, the first dance was in Hawaii, but we did all the traditional stuff at this reception too)

Boquet toss

Caught by Sharla Klimt!

'Da garter

Pennie made me this amazing surfboard groom's cake

Shave Ice

The ladies who gave us our dream wedding

From flip flops on the beach to flip flops in the snow.  And THAT'S why we got married in HI