Tuesday, January 1, 2013


It's unreal how fast the holidays flew by this year. Tanya had a full 2 week Christmas Break, and I took work off from the 21st to the 2nd. This made for the ultimate staycation! Besides the usual holiday stuff, we watched a LOT of movies, spent time with family, re-watched season 3 of Community, re-watched Season 1 of Happy Endings, went sledding, rode on a sleigh to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point, went shopping and out to eat, played with Remy, and slept in every morning (the highlight for sure). 

Remy loved hardly having to spend any time in his crate and playing with lots of humans. He also ate like a king. 

Tanya and her mom kept their tradition alive of seeing The Nutcracker.

We loved that it was a white Christmas. It seemed like it snowed almost every day, which made our view extra nice.

The Rasmussen Family Lion House dinner and white elephants were something special. 

We went to church to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Santa's homeliest elf spied on us the whole month and told him that we were good. 

Because we were good, Santa brought us lots of shoes. He also brought us a Kindle Fire, clothes, a blanket, and lots of tools for our house!

We used our new drill to make these shelves. 

We got to see our darls niece and 3 nephews. The best news of all is that Ender and Chloe are moving from New Jersey to Utah! We no longer have to be long distant Aunt and Uncle to these two goons.

Tanya got a belgian waffle maker and we definitely put it to good use. 

We finally made it to Trader Joe's and stocked up.

We went sledding and even took Remy on a few runs. He loved it! He is always happy when he gets to be outside and around people. 

I won a GoPro at work a couple of months back, and we finally used it to take videos while we were sledding. 

It's true what they say: 

2012 has been good to us. We adopted Remy, moved into our house, put in our yard, Tanya enjoyed her first summer off as a Teacher, we went to Portland and the Oregon Coast with friends, went to the Mayan Riviera, made some new friends, and had a lot of laughs. 2013 is going to be even BETTER!