Sunday, April 20, 2014

Plus One

This is old news by now, but we're having a baby!

It all started when we got married and made a 5-year plan. We would wait until we were married for 5 years before having a baby. It would give us plenty of time to finish all of our schooling, travel some, practice being responsible with a dog, and make sure we were completely ready. A lot happened in those 5 years, and we're definitely glad that we waited! We had a blast and got to spend such quality time together.

This Fall we decided that, with Tanya's dance studio, it would be ideal to have a baby in the Summer. That way she wouldn't have to put classes on hold for 6 weeks in the middle of the year and could get back on her feet before starting classes again in the Fall. We decided to try and see what happened, and it happened fast! She's due August 1st.

We found out on Thanksgiving morning that Tanya was pregnant. We decided we would wait until Christmas to tell our families, and longer for everyone else. It was hard (but fun) having a secret that only we knew about. During my family's Christmas dinner we decided to tell everyone. We had all these plans of how we would do it, and they kept falling through, so we just took a big family picture and right before the timer went off I yelled "everyone say Tanya's pregnant!" No one believed it so they didn't react until we confirmed that it was actually true. Then they screamed!

For Tanya's family, we wrapped up a little baby University of Utah sweatsuit under her dad's University of Utah sweatpants that we gave him. When he opened it, he thought the pants were for their dog! Everyone was excited. This is the first grandbaby on Tanya's side.

Tanya's pregnancy has been pretty by-the-book. She was sick from about weeks 6 to 12. We were supposed to find out the gender at 18 weeks, but being the planners that we are we got impatient, went to fetal foto at the mall at 14 weeks, and found out we were having a BOY! We were both expecting a girl, so it definitely took us by surprise. Then we got to planning and shopping for our little gentleman.

Tanya's getting pregnanter e'rry day and I love it! We can't wait to meet our booper.