Monday, January 30, 2012


We hadn't been to Sundance for a few years, so when Rod's work friends invited us we decided to make it happen. We went down town early and picked up wait list tickets, ate some food, and then got in line. There were a ton of people there, but we made it in! The film was a documentary called "About Face: The Supermodels Then and Now". Read more about it here. It was really interesting.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I'm sure you've all seen sh*t girls say, sh*t Mormons say, or any other copy cat of that viral video. This one is our favorite. Bless you Liz Lemon.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Recently my job has changed a little. The semester ended 2 weeks ago, so all of my Health classes have now changed to PE classes. So far it has been really fun. Basically I get to work out and play games with my students all day! This is my new office:

A couple weeks ago I decided to start a Dance Company at our school. Most of the girls have little to no dance experience, so it has been interesting. I love being with girls and doing something that I really care about. 

Lately I have also been preparing for a Zumba class I will be teaching in a few weeks at our ward. I was certified about 2 years ago, but I haven't really taught since then. It has been fun to practice on my own, but I will admit I am a little nervous. Hopefully it goes well! 

Rod has been really busy since he started his MBA program. He has class every Monday and Wednesday from 6-10. He works so hard. I'm glad that so far we have been able to keep our weekends intact. Hopefully his school work doesn't get too overwhelming. 

R&T + C&A classing it up at the Texas Roadhouse. 

Besides all of that, Rod's work just moved into a BRAND NEW building in Lehi (5 seconds from where we are building our house).

He is very happy not to be driving to Lindon anymore. Now if they could hurry up and build our house his commute would be really amazing. We can't wait!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bull Hollow Way

The construction on our house is officially in process! It has been fun to drive by and watch it change. Due to the awesome weather we've had lately it seems like they have been able get a lot done.

The approximate finish date is end of April. We really can't wait. Longest winter ever.

While we are waiting for our house to be finished we have been thinking about how we want to decorate. Over Christmas break Rod and I went to a salvage store and found an amazing old door. We have always wanted to make an old door into a headboard. Hopefully it turns out!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

I had to blog about Christmas before I go back to work tomorrow. I'm about to be very busy again! It has been wonderful to have so much time off. I got TONS of work done, handled insurance stuff, went to lunch (a lot), hung out with family, went shopping, exercised, learned a new Zumba routine (I'm teaching our weeknight RS in Feb . . . yikes!), played DK Country (conquered it), watched Mad Men (Season 4 is blowing our minds),  and spent lots of time with my love on account of him working from home!

Our first holiday party was the traditional Freeman Christmas dinner with awesome present unwrapping game. Aunt Candy, Grandma, and Cheryl spoiled us with treasures wrapped 2-10 times. So much fun!

Next was the Rasmussen family Lion House dinner with the always hysterical white elephant game. The most coveted items of the evening were the Fabio life-size cutout and the Flowbee home haircutter. My personal favorite was Dave's jean stocking. . . classy.

Christmas Eve/Morning were spent with the Tapps. We watched movies, played games, and gave Winslow way too much attention.

After Christmas Rod's whole family came into town. Cheryl fed us gourmet meals, we played games, and even visited Jungle Jim's which has not changed since I was 7. We love these kids.

On New Year's Eve we went to C&A's. We ordered in Thai food and learned a new game - Agricola. It took us forever to figure it out, but we enjoyed it.

Of course we poured some sparking cider and I got a kiss at midnight. A successful NYE.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and families.

Welcome 2012!