Tuesday, July 28, 2009

10 K's

A couple of months ago Tanya's dad Bart asked us if we wanted to run the 24th of July 10K that they do downtown that goes through the parade route early in the morning. He does it almost every year and he's a really good runner. We like running too so we decided it would be fun. We weren't able to prepare for it as much as we wanted, but we both did it and we're happy with our times! Here are some pics.

We had to wake up at 4:30 and pretty much wanted to die at that point. Winslow asked if he could run with us but he hadn't broken in his running shoes enough so we had to leave him at the house. Maybe next year!

The following pictures are us sprinting to the finish line.
Go Bart! I used him as my guide the entire time and tried to keep up with him - which wasn't easy!

At this point I was hating everything. I got a whiff of bacon smell the last little bit and almost hurled.

Right after the race - hash browns

Tannie and her dad

Bart and I got around 48 minutes and Tanya about 56 I think? I don't remember. We just wanted under an hour so . . . mission accomplished!
Next Goal - some sort of triathlon, even if it's just a sprint one.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



So check it!

Monday, July 13, 2009

We Got a DOGGIE!!!

But Tanya's parents did.
After searching far and low and visiting many humane societies (they wanted to save a dog instead of paying some breeder exuberant amounts of money for their "hard work") we all went on Saturday and they fell in love with this little guy pretty much right away. They said he was found stray in Arizona, so when they couldn't think of a name, we googled "cities in Arizona." It was between Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, and Winslow. Winslow seemed to fit, and so, baby Winslow, welcome to the family!

Just bein' darls. Everyone that sees his comments on how cute his face is.

See what I mean?

Right after he licked Tannie's face

Cuddles is piessed. She feels like she's been replaced (which is pretty much true). Shouldn't have been so stand-offish and stuck up, eh?

Pennie's happy to have a baby to take care of, since grandchildren are EONS away.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A little taste of the summer so far. . .

Rod and I are spoiled. Our summers are usually a whirlwind of exotic trips and days by the pool and/or ocean . . . This summer has been a little different. When you get married it's hard to justify moving to Hawaii for 2 months and serving drinks at the Polynesian Cultural Center just to make enough money for the next week's activities. It's also hard to justify another cruise (our one to Mexico last summer was one of our favorite vacays ever). And finally, we REALLY can't justify laying by the pool all day because we have both been cursed with skin that has been ravaged by skin cancer (a mission to a country near the equator and a summer in Laie without sunblock will do that to you) We now refer to this summer as "The Summer of Shame" because we aren't working at Del Sol in the Caribbean or racing around the world on a certain "amazing" show. I've been thinking lately though . . . This is actually one of the best summers of my life. I get to be with my best friend all the time. Every moment that we're not at work we are together and he makes me more happy than anything. So, just when I think I'm lame for having a full time job and not a tan Rod makes me laugh and I don't care.

Here are some of the fun things we HAVE done so far . . .

We went to Boondocks with my fam. . . here are my darls parents being darls.

Da boys

Golf pros

Bumper boats = ganging up on Tanya

Pure joy


We drived in a double car

Rod's first trip to the Mayan - naturally we posed behind this tree.

Gangles Magee

Rod riding a water rocket

Shaka bra

Indoor swimming pool = no cancer