Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We had such a great day yesterday; shopping and lunch with my brothers followed by swimming, eating, and fireworks at Uncle Rod and Aunt Barb's house. It was the perfect way to celebrate the 24th! 

Amy, Brian, and our little baby nuggets have been in town from New Jersey for the last few weeks, and we have been able to spend some time with them. I think they are the cutest, but I might be biased.

Sometimes she loves Remy

Sometimes she doesn't

At the Zoo

Summer has been treating me well. Since I finished my classes at the beginning of July, I have had time to relax and pretty much do whatever I want! I might not get paid much to be a teacher, but this break in the summer is so nice. I have been to the pool, hung out with my mom, exercised a lot, learned to cook/bake a few new things, started reading a good book - The Culprit and the Cure - became obsessed with How I Met Your Mother on Netflix, went to an awesome Health and PE conference, watched way too much TV at my friend Katie's house (we still don't have a real TV with cable), got some stuff done around our house, and spent time with my baby Remy.

Still not 100% potty trained - but he's doing much better. Hard to stay mad at that face . . . 

I have also managed to not kill the big beautiful flower pots my mom helped me plant. I'm pretty proud of myself. 

We leave for Mexico on Saturday! Then I go straight to training at school for a week, Lake Powell the next week, more training, a week off, and then school starts after Labor Day. So crazy! I can already feel summer slipping away. 

Monday, July 9, 2012


It was yet another successful Rasmussen party in Lake Powell. We ate like kings (as usual), celebrated the 4th with an amazing fireworks show over the lake, paddle boarded, surfed, wake boarded, played games, watched movies, read books, and went on one of the coolest hikes ever. We are so lucky to have such a fun family! Can't wait to see this year's video - it's our favorite tradition.

Here are the highlights: