Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yeah, we dated for over a year . . . . jealous?

To start our blog off, we want to introduce ourselves. We've compiled these photos to let you know about some of our favorite things (and to make you jealous of all the fun places we've been). We LOVE . . .
We met in Hawaii. We LOOOVE it and hope to live there after we graduate
Here we are being adoreable in Hawaii

We love just lounging around and taking in our surroundings
Snow=bad . . . fun coats = good
we love accesorizing each other
We love snowboarding - followed by pizza at the pie
We loved running into this Zebra in Mexico
We love being "up to no good" with our friends (P.S. badunk-a-damn! we have awesome body profiles)
We love nintendo, and never EVER raise our voices or get petty when we play it.
we love villacinos - coconut chilled por favor
we love diet coke with LIIIIME
We love kittys. Especially one's with bad grammar
We love that my camera has cool color effects!
We LOVE cruises - we've only been on 1 but we hope to double that number by new years
we love slots
we love soft serve
we love getting all dolled up and painting the town red
We love Lake Powell - and when cher bear throws up gang signs
!Nos encanta cinco de mayo!
We like ring pops
We LOVE this street corner. Corner of Seaside and Ocean with easy access to Pacific Coast Highway and direction to the pier.
We love hottubs - R.I.P. the Tapp's hottub
We love our nephew Brenden (pictured - in bear suit). We usually squeeze him until his head esplodesWe love kissing in public - NOT! This is probably the only time we ever have
We love re-hashing hawaii - and shopping
We love cheesecake factory. This one in SF is our favorite (after Waikiki of course)
We love public transportation
We love sharks! For this year's shark week we were able to raise $30,000 for shark hygiene kits We love tucanos. The green light means keep the meats - and diet coke - coming
We love other religion's parties - sometimes more fun than ours? Yeah
We love pinning our eyes open to watch late night cable television and then eating things we shouldn't after hours.
We loved visiting the Peronas in San Francisco - and chair pics kind of became our thing thanks to this
We luv playing tennis
We just look hot in this pic so we added it
We don't love the snow, but I guess it's fun to play in sometimes
We love hot springs - we've been to 2 so far and hope to double that number by new years
we love ethnic foods - BONSAI!
We love chipotle. We discovered it on the way to mexico
We love vegas, even when it's cold there (new years)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tanya and Rodney finally growing up

A lot of our friendship and dating life, sadly, has revolved around Facebook - from putting up album after album of our adventures in Hawaii, to "poking" each other via facebook's convenient poking application, to showing everyone what a fun couple we are and how many places we've gone together, to writing sassy messages on each other's walls, and finally to sending each other meaningful & hilarious bumper stickers, it really has helped this long-distance dating and now engaged couple stay close. Unfortunately, facebook has recently undergone some changes, and we hate almost everything about the new one. We will continue to use it when necessary (and to keep tabs on people we are interested in but not enough to stay in contact with), but we are also going to grow up a litte and start this blog. The timing just seemed right, since I think it has become a rite of passage for young couples to start a blog together. So enjoy!