Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tanya and Rodney finally growing up

A lot of our friendship and dating life, sadly, has revolved around Facebook - from putting up album after album of our adventures in Hawaii, to "poking" each other via facebook's convenient poking application, to showing everyone what a fun couple we are and how many places we've gone together, to writing sassy messages on each other's walls, and finally to sending each other meaningful & hilarious bumper stickers, it really has helped this long-distance dating and now engaged couple stay close. Unfortunately, facebook has recently undergone some changes, and we hate almost everything about the new one. We will continue to use it when necessary (and to keep tabs on people we are interested in but not enough to stay in contact with), but we are also going to grow up a litte and start this blog. The timing just seemed right, since I think it has become a rite of passage for young couples to start a blog together. So enjoy!

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