Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A little taste of the summer so far. . .

Rod and I are spoiled. Our summers are usually a whirlwind of exotic trips and days by the pool and/or ocean . . . This summer has been a little different. When you get married it's hard to justify moving to Hawaii for 2 months and serving drinks at the Polynesian Cultural Center just to make enough money for the next week's activities. It's also hard to justify another cruise (our one to Mexico last summer was one of our favorite vacays ever). And finally, we REALLY can't justify laying by the pool all day because we have both been cursed with skin that has been ravaged by skin cancer (a mission to a country near the equator and a summer in Laie without sunblock will do that to you) We now refer to this summer as "The Summer of Shame" because we aren't working at Del Sol in the Caribbean or racing around the world on a certain "amazing" show. I've been thinking lately though . . . This is actually one of the best summers of my life. I get to be with my best friend all the time. Every moment that we're not at work we are together and he makes me more happy than anything. So, just when I think I'm lame for having a full time job and not a tan Rod makes me laugh and I don't care.

Here are some of the fun things we HAVE done so far . . .

We went to Boondocks with my fam. . . here are my darls parents being darls.

Da boys

Golf pros

Bumper boats = ganging up on Tanya

Pure joy


We drived in a double car

Rod's first trip to the Mayan - naturally we posed behind this tree.

Gangles Magee

Rod riding a water rocket

Shaka bra

Indoor swimming pool = no cancer


Erin said...

Sounds like a fun summer to me...especially the no cancer part. Yep, that's probably my favorite.

So glad you guys are having a great summer. Love the super cute pic of your parents at Boondocks. Next time you see your mamma, give her a big hug, from ME!

Danielle Perona said...

It is the best summer ever! One thing I'm still coming to terms with is that I can do all the things I ever wanted to do, just not all of them right now. I may have to wait until my kids are grown to go Backpacking in Europe, but you'd better believe I'm still going!

liz + josh said...

ooohhh... glad you found me... it's always nice to catch up on the lives of your oldest friends by reading their blogs. what's the point of even talking in person anymore?? haha

oh and yesterday my mom told me that my cousin is dating your cousin. can't remember her name. my cousin's name is david and supposedly he was in powell with you guys last week. interesting....