Monday, January 23, 2012


Recently my job has changed a little. The semester ended 2 weeks ago, so all of my Health classes have now changed to PE classes. So far it has been really fun. Basically I get to work out and play games with my students all day! This is my new office:

A couple weeks ago I decided to start a Dance Company at our school. Most of the girls have little to no dance experience, so it has been interesting. I love being with girls and doing something that I really care about. 

Lately I have also been preparing for a Zumba class I will be teaching in a few weeks at our ward. I was certified about 2 years ago, but I haven't really taught since then. It has been fun to practice on my own, but I will admit I am a little nervous. Hopefully it goes well! 

Rod has been really busy since he started his MBA program. He has class every Monday and Wednesday from 6-10. He works so hard. I'm glad that so far we have been able to keep our weekends intact. Hopefully his school work doesn't get too overwhelming. 

R&T + C&A classing it up at the Texas Roadhouse. 

Besides all of that, Rod's work just moved into a BRAND NEW building in Lehi (5 seconds from where we are building our house).

He is very happy not to be driving to Lindon anymore. Now if they could hurry up and build our house his commute would be really amazing. We can't wait!

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