Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Krazy Korn!

So. . . we went on a double date (we set our friend Gent up with my friend Kendall from work) and we had pizza from The Pie (our favorite) and went to the Krazy Korn Maze!

Gentry and Tanya had so much fun running around in the corn. They said the last time they had this much fun searching for clues in a giant field of growing, edible plant life was at the Dole Plantation on Oahu 2.5 years ago (see picture below).

So good.

Thanks to Kendall's iphone we were able to see the map and also google the clues to the questions we had to answer and punch at each post in order to win free bowling passes.

They luff each other.

I eated the Kornzz.

Kendall and I also had fun looking for clues . . . although we didn't get to scare anyone like we wanted to. We really only ran into like 2 other groups of people the whole time.


Ashley.Latimer said...

First off, I'm pissed you went the Corn MAZE WITHOUT US! OUR COUPLE CRUSH IS IN AN OFFICIAL FIGHT.

deanna said...

I kinda am freaked out by cornfields ever since my brothers made me watch Children of the Corn when I was little. Same thing applies to people named Malachi.

Erin said...

Corn maze, not quite the same as pineapple plantation maze...but it'll do. Looks like you guys had a blast! I bet that dead corn has lots of fiber.

Heather said...

you guys are so cute! Looks like you had fun!
ps... word verification... cornmm... cooincidence? I think not.