Monday, January 25, 2010

Unexpected Sleepover

Well, here I (Rod) am sitting on the commuter bus from Provo to Salt Lake, something that I get to do thrice a week this semester. Public transportation is great, I'm totally not above it, but I will be glad to bid UTA adieu when this semester is over.

Fortunately, these buses have Wi-Fi so I decided to make the most of the hour and write a blog post about this weekend as I cruise down I-15 past the hundreds of multi-level marketing billboards that line the ride home. Leave it to Utah County. Tangent, sorry.

So I logged on to write a post about last weekend, and I see that Curtis and Ashley beat me to it. They eloquently described the weekend, so you should probably read about it HERE.

*As an addition to what Ashley wrote, I personally was thrilled that we got stranded and I live for situations exactly like this one. It was as if I were being rewarded for living my life right and was allowed to stay in a 30 person cabin with my BFFs on accident. It also gave me an excuse to eat a Totino's Pizza at 4 AM (the only food that could be scavenged) and then go to bed without brushing my teeth. It's as if I were 12 years old again. I was bummed, however, that I spent all that time in PC during Sundance and didn't even get to see a Kardashian


Ashley.Latimer said...

I'm laughing so hard I can barely type. The whale tale for one, and in the adjacent corner, a little bearded killing gnome. Bahaahahahahahahaha Thank you.

Ashley.Latimer said...
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deanna said...

maybe you guys are too cool

Gentry said...

I love that one of your favorite parts was that you didn't brush your teeth.. or maybe i'm grossed out? being stranded in the haunted mansion and having to scavenge for provisions during the blinding snowstorm was the BEST. we play scum again SOON please!!