Friday, May 7, 2010

U Did It Too!

Even though Tanya was done with college in December, she had to wait until yesterday to walk and officially graduate. We had fun taking lots of pictures and celebrating this big accomplishment. We are so proud of our little nugget!

We were somehow able to overcome going to rival schools while dating/married and graduate together. Actually, we don't give a crap about college sports or the BYU-Utah rivalry so it all worked out for us.
We took some pics at Tan's parents' house before. In the top right picture we were trying to get a jumping picture (tradish) and it wasn't working out. On this particular one I accidentally punched Winslow (their dog) in the face, and as you can see in my face I felt really bad . . . but in my defense he was all up in our bidnass.

Tanya met up with her friend Tania (pronounced Tawnya) who was her health promotion and education BFF and with whom she took most of her classes and did a lot of group projects with. They met in their very first class freshman year when the teacher was calling roll and said "Tawn-yah?" and they both said "here!" at the same time. It was a connection that lasted all the way until they walked across the stage one after the other. Somehow the reader pronounced both of their names right! My dad was nice to come up too even though he had broken his hand hours before. My mom was in Seattle.

Tan's parents were so proud of her too. Her dad graduated in the same major as her many years ago at the U.

Here's our nugget walking across the stage



ashleyb. said...

"Actually, we don't give a crap about college sports or the Byu/utah rivalry, so it worked out for us."
Love it.
Love you guys. Costa! We will be at the airport 24 hours from this moment.

pennie said...

I am soooo proud of you Tan!! Have a great time in Costa you two, you both deserve it!! Love you!

deanna said...