Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

We were so lucky to be able to fly home and spend Christmas with both of our families in Utah.

Here are some of the highlights of our holiday:

Seeing our bed and spending many comfortable nights between our two houses. Some elves even decorated our room for Christmas before we got there.
Decorating sugar cookies
Dinner with our besties at our favorite haunt (Italian Village)
Thanksgiving (again) with Madison and the gang
Watching the little nuggets get excited about Santa, presents, and Christmas in general.
It was actually pretty obscene how many gifts these little boys had to open (this is only half of it - but to be fair, these are gifts for all 13 people in my family)
Enjoying so much diet coke before we go off of soda for the New Year
I mean REALLY enjoying it . . .
Playing lots of games with both families and Curtash
Being there for baby Chloe's blessing
Parties literally almost every night of the week, and when there wasn't a party, there was a gourmet meal being prepared or a favorite restaurant being visited.
Going snowboarding twice
Going swimming with the babies
Being reunited with Alex, who recently got home from her mission
Eating this pizza that was big enough to swaddle baby Chloe in
Throwing a surprise 60th Birthday party for my mom Cheryl. She is always the one throwing parties for everyone else, and it was time she enjoyed being the center of attention for once! She was totally surprised and we spent the night roasting her and basking in her coolness. Doesn't she look great for 60?
Although we didn't get a White Christmas, we woke up to this a few days later
The only real bummer of our holiday season was our car accident. We were driving by Fashion Place Mall going to get Tanya's wedding ring cleaned when a minivan pulled right in front of us. We didn't even have time to react before we t-boned them. The airbags went off and it was pretty shocking. We walked away with only some cuts and bruises and whiplash. The girls in the other car seemed completely unharmed, even though their car was pretty banged up. We were driving in Tanya's mom's beetle and we feel so bad. She loved that car. It was the other car's fault and they got a ticket.

I took some pics with my phone. Our car . . .
And theirs . . .

Overall we had a great Christmas and are lucky to have two awesome families.
Last night we got back to Hawaii and it feels good to be "home"


ashleyb. said...

We had so much fun with you guys! Glad you were able to come out for Christmas. Sorry about your accident, just glad you are both okay. Good job Tanya for letting that idiot in the Bronco have it. Hope you had a happy New Years! 6 month countdown begins now.

{she + him} said...

I spy your new spectacles! They're spectacular! I'm jeals of all your cute outfits and your winter accessories...I bet it was fun to switch it up a bit. Will you be my sponsor for Coca-Cola Anonymous? I, too, am giving up needs to stop!