Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today was a day of the unexpected.

We woke up like usual at 5:20. Rod left for work at 6:00 and my carpool picked me up at 6:15. 25 minutes into my 40 minute drive to school, Rod called me and let me know that a water main broke, a bridge was flooded, and the only road to town was completely closed off.

We decided to pull off into a neighborhood so we could decide what to do. We had no idea when the road would re-open and it was an hour and a half drive to go all the way around the island - yuck. Me fellow student teacher who was driving called her cooperating teacher and was told not to bother to come in. Unfortunately today my cooperating teacher was at a workshop and I was being left alone to teach completely on my own. A sub would be there to watch me but he didn't know what to teach. This meant I could not go home and would need to make the trek around the island. As luck would have it, we stopped right in front of another teacher's house from my school as she was getting ready to drive around too! I jumped in the car and we began our journey.

After we drove the 25 minutes back to Laie Rod called me again to let us know the road had been re-opened (he waited the entire time - over an hour). We decided it would be faster to turn around and drive back to Kaneohe rather than fight the traffic in Pearl City. Eventually we made it to school (40 minutes late) and the kids in my first period cheered when I walked in (it's moments like that. . .) It was a crazy morning but spending the day pretty much alone with my students was awesome. They crack me up and make me so excited to have my own classroom someday.

After this crazy day I was stuck at school without a ride home. Rod was sweet enough to leave work early so he could pick me up. We decided that since we were already in Kaneohe that we should go see a movie (it is often hard to want to drive 4o minutes or an hour to get to a theatre).

We saw Limitless and it was fantastic. The cinematography was amazing and the story was intriguing. There was quite a bit of violence, but I still really liked it. I love that Bradley Cooper looks like a strung out hobo for a good portion of the film - it proved that he's more than a "hot guy". Well done, good sir.

Here is a trailer just in case you have no idea what movie I am talking about . . .

Living on a island is amazing. I often take for granted how beautiful it is here. The inconveniences (like having to drive an hour to get to Costco/Walmart or being at the mercy of a two lane highway that often gets blocked) are for the most part trivial. We love this island, we love our one-stop-light town, and we (usually) love our shack on the Point. I am not yet ready to say goodbye in 2.5 months.

Sorry for the long story,

Mahalo for reading it. Goodnight!

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{she + him} said...

I'm sure we're the only ones you needed to post the trailer for since we don't have a t.v.--oh the insanity! Your day sounded bittersweet. Traffic is never fun, but being loved by your students is icing on the cake. Can I start a petition to stop you from leaving our new home?!