Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Grand Palace

I promise this is our last blog post about Thailand. We ended up with almost 700 pictures that we loved from the trip, so this is the best we could do to narrow it down.

On the way out of the country, we had a 6 hour layover at the Bangkok airport. On the way into the country, my parents had arrived in Bangkok a night before us (they didn't have a night layover in Manila), so they had already gone to the Grand Palace and kept raving about it. They insisted on watching our luggage while we took the air train into Bangkok for a fast and furious walk-through. We finally made it, I bought some linen pants (men and women had to cover their legs) and we were off. We flew through this thing and it was pretty mind blowing. There are just dozens of ornate palaces, temples, and gardens all jam packed into a tiny area. Here are some highlights:

On the way home, we had another overnight layover in the Philippines. This time we went to Manila Ocean Park to pass the time. It was actually really cool! We saw tons of fish and alligators and stingrays and sharks. My favorite is the shark on the top right picture. Is his saw nose real? Tanya and I have always dreamed of going to an aquarium where you can walk through a water tunnel. Dreams came true!

Next up: Saying farewell to Hawaii

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Pennie said...

So sad that the Thailand posts have come to an end!! Where will you go next?