Sunday, December 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home

This week was crazy! We've been house hunting for a few months now. We've put offers on several houses, but were always outbid. On Monday, we put an offer on a house in Herriman that we liked okay, but weren't completely sold on the neighborhood. On Tuesday, we put an offer on a house in Suncrest that we liked, but it needed some work and we weren't sure about living so high with the snow. On Wednesday, we found out that we got both of these houses!

Meanwhile, we had started to look into building a house. We always thought that building would be too expensive, but when it came down to it, it actually made a lot of sense. We had a big decision to make, and we needed to make it by Friday! To build or to buy?

We crunched the numbers, made spreadsheets, met a few times with the home builder, walked through the model and lot several times, and finally made the decision. We are going to build a house at Thanksgiving Point! My office is moving into a brand new building at Thanksgiving Point next month, and it's close to Tanya's parents and the freeway.

This is the house that we're building: (actual color may vary - depending on what we choose)

It has everything on our wish list, we get to choose exactly what colors and finishes we want throughout the entire house, and we played hardball to get a great deal on it. Yesterday we went to the design center and started choosing everything. It will take about five months to build, so we're already looking forward to May! As fun as it was looking for houses, it will be nice to have our nights back.


A. Verzello said...

You guys should have applied for Househunters to document the process! Building is a great choice because in addition to getting everythng you'll want, it will have all new
materials. One of my biggest fears in buying older homes is the latent defects that aren't easily discoverable. This fear is partly from HGTV and partly from my property law class.

zarbocks said...

Yay!! so happy for you guys!! Party time!!

brynne frei said...

how exciiiting!! that is really great news and we're way happy for you. can't wait for more updates!

Hannah said...

wow congratulations!! :)

daienu said...

Congrats! And Happy Anniversary!

Suzi Q said...

SUPER EXCITING!!! :) Congrats!


Yay! Congrats!

{she + him} said...

I call an upstairs bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations you just became an official adult...yuck!