Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Kickoff

On Memorial Day, we woke up and decided we wanted to do a hike. We drove up the Alpine Loop to Stewart Falls. Besides getting slightly carsick, it was an awesome drive. We're already excited to do it again during the fall leaves.

We also decided to take Remington. We want him to be an outdoorsy dog, so we figured we better start early. Unfortunately, it had snowed for a couple of days before, so the entire hike was a slushy muddy mess. We were fully expecting to have to carry Remi most of the way, but he pulled us all the way to the top and back, all 4 miles. He loved being muddy and seeing lots of other dogs. 

This is Tanya's last week of school! This past weekend, her dance company performed before the school musical. She also choreographed one of the dances in the musical, so it was fun to go and watch it and meet a bunch of her students.

"Super Ladies/Papi" by JLo



Suzi Q said...

So fun!! :) That puppy is so freaking cute! I think it is really cool at you put together a dance co at your school! That is awesome!

Pennie said...

"Outdoorsy" Dog!!! BAHaaaaa With all 4 and a half pounds of him, and his 3 inch legs!.....LOVE IT!

A. Verzello said...

That is the best family pic ever! Couldn't ask for a more gorgeous backdrop. Stewart Falls is one of my absolute fav hikes in UT.