Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Rest

Somehow we forgot to blog for 5 months. Oops. Here's (more or less) what's happened since we last blogged in August:

This summer we decided to finish our basement into a dance and fitness studio. In September, Tanya started teaching little girl dance classes (ages 3-11). She's still a high school health and PE teacher by day, but by night she comes home and teaches 5 dance classes a week! It's been hard and busy, but it's a good thing for us. And it's pretty darls.

This is before

And here's the after. It has a bumpin' sound system, mirrors galore, a ballet barre, and some bamboo dance floors. Not too shabby!

Fallz was yallz as alwayz

At the beginning of December we celebrated our 5-year wedding anniversary. Say what? We had an overnight date to Park City, with shopping at the outlets and an amazing dinner at Cafe Terigo on Main Street. 

In the middle of December I graduated with my MBA from the University of Utah. It was a tough 2 years, and it's SUCH a relief to be done and have my nights back! They threw us a grad dinner with our spouses at Rodizio Grill and it was fun to hang with the gang one last time and have Tanya meet the guys I've spending my nights with!

Christmas was amazing as always. We spoiled ourselves rotten and spent tons of time with family. We rode the Polar Express in Heber and had lots and lots of dinners and traditions. We also spent lots of time loving on our little pride and joy, Remington Bear.

Then we tried something different this year: On Christmas day we flew to San Diego with Tanya's family (including her Grandma/Aunt and Uncle/Cousins). GamGam's dying wish was to go to SeaWorld, so she paid for a house for all of us. The tickets were cheap because we flew on Christmas and New Year's Day (when not a lot of people want to travel). The house was AMAZING. It had a pool and hot tub, fire pit, theatre room, tennis court, and tons of space for all of us. It was up on a hill in the "mountains" with amazing views.

The weather was in the 70s every day. It was so nice to wear t-shirts and shorts again!

We went to the San Diego Safari Park and saw rhinos, giraffes, and lots of other cool animals

We also went to the San Diego Zoo and saw more animals

We had lots of beach time in Carlsbad and Oceanside


It was also fun to see Christmas stuff in the warm weather

Tanya's dad Bart and I had an intense tennis match

More beach time

At Oceanside, we rented an off-road wheelchair and pushed GamGam down the beach and in the waves. She loved it!

And then we rang in the new year at the house with a BBQ

2013 was pretty great - but we're thinking that 2014 will be even better!


Grandma Cheryl said...

Wow, you have been busy. I am so grateful I can share your exciting life with you. Congrats on the studio and the degree. Here's to 2014!

Deanna Watson said...

Gam Gam got sweet rims on that beach rental whip. Amazing times in the recap. You kids are amazazing.