Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Juice Cleanse

For whatever reason we still can't figure out, Tanya and I decided to do a 2 day juice cleanse where all you consume for both days is a concoction of juices. We found the recipe on the internet, so we knew it was legit. After we had spent $24 on juices at Albertsons, we knew there was no turning back. It was a mixture of grapefruit, orange, and lemon juice with distilled water. It was awful and we will never do it again, and we even cheated and had sensible dinners both nights. I lost 7 lbs from the beginning to the end.
The steroids we usually use to look good caused roid rage.
Obviously the next step was a juice cleanse.
What we thought could sustain us for 2 days

The smell was awful - that of warm bile

Mixy Mixy

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slurpeefiend said...

You should have just juiced some delicious rare steaks, and sipped you way to skinny health.