Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just a couple of losers . . .

We are so excited that The Biggest Loser is back!! Last night's premiere was amazing, this is a HUGE group of people with TONS of baggage, which makes for great TV. We already have our favorites picked out I think (including darls coach Mo, the pink team, the firefighter, and of course Abby, whose husband and kids were killed in a car accident).

Speaking of the biggest loser on the planet - Kevin Federline is, but not in a good way. In fact, he has done the opposite of what these people are trying to do - he has ballooned since his glory days of being on Britney's arm. These pictures are astonishing.
Disgusting - I blame the amount of calories in each bottle of Patron that he surely downs on a daily basis.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that Tanya and I are going to do our own biggest loser between ourselves. We started yesterday and are going until Halloween (when we will blow it all and gain it all back eating Halloween candy). We will weigh in each Tuesday morning at the gym and are just trying to keep up the exercise despite our busy school/work schedules. We are also trying to eat better. It takes a lot of time and money to eat healthy, but we'll do our best!

We tried to think of a rewards system for the winner. Originally Tanya wanted her own Macbook, and I wanted Lasik. Then we came back to reality and the fact that we're broke, and decided if she wins we'll go to dinner at the roof (I don't think it's worth the money and have been before, but she hasn't) and we haven't thought of my reward yet.

So there you go . . . . it's ON!


madison said...

i love this! friendly reality tv competition. i want in.

Janelle Champion said...

We love Biggest Loser. I also love reveling in K-Fed's expansion of crappiness. If we ever actually find time for a fall party you are so invited. We miss you in our ward.