Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Best Birfday Ever?

50 years never looked so good indeed. This year Rodney's birthday turned into a two week extravaganza, starting with opening gifts before we left for Cali.

I'm talking about purple and acid wash skinny jeans (yeah, it's happening), as well as a fashion scarf (pictured above), bow tie with sweater vest, and a wireless mouse for the pooter!

We spent Rod's actual birthday at Disneyland. It was so fun to hear strangers say happy birthday to him all day long. That weekend was a dream and the perfect way to spend a birthday (see previous post).

After we got home the fun continued at Tucanos, it's a birthday tradish. As is this pic of Rod biting the plate filled with buffalo wings while crossing his eyes. I think I have at least 4 pictures exactly like this one, all taken at different times. I'm so proud.

The waiters at Tucanos always pretend like they don't celebrate birthdays, then they bring out a giant, amazing ice cream sundae. Rod naturally tried to snort the whip cream.

Muff, I hope your birthday was as fun for you as it was for me! I love you so much. Tanks for being mine.

Love, Tan


Erin said...

Well Happy Birfday Rod. Wooks wike anuver fun year!!

P.S. Acid washed jeans? Seriously? I'm afraid the 80s are taking over...and that's scaaaary. I better go get my Culture Club and OMD tapes out, step two is finding a tape player to play them on.

Ashley.Latimer said...

"Purple and Acid wash skinny jeans, yeah it's happening."
-Tanya Tapp Rasmussen.
That was glorious. I'm so glad its happening. You are so in the scene it's insane.

Rodney said...

The crows feet in the last pic are piessed. I'm not the young lad I used to be - dermatologically speaking.