Monday, August 31, 2009

Our California Adventure!

About a week and a half ago I (Rod) texted Tanya and asked if she wanted to go to CA for a weekend. She thought it was a joke and asked if I was serious. I heard that you get in free to Disneyland on your birthday and wanted to have a birthday unlike any other (every other year we've been in Lake Powell for my B-day, which is great) but I wanted to do something new. Also we didn't get to go any road trips alone this summer. All the plans just started falling into place and we had so much fun! One last hurrah before we become slaves to school.
Tanya's aunt and uncle Misty and Doug were nice enough to let us stay with them in St. George to break up the drive. We had fun watching Wipeout and Crash Course with them and cackling until late into the night. Their kids are darls and Misty made the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had. They make cinnabon look like crap!

Of course we hit up Hollywood to start out (the Hollwood sign is in the background). It was too hot to celeb-sight for a long time, so we ate at CPK to cool off.

A little closer up

Loves my Britney! I'm smiling but the ground was like a hot skillet on my skin.

My china doll

Johnny Depp's grubby mitts've been here.

Just a couple of Doggs out on the town.

Her other "Rod" - Rod Stewart

When we found out we were going to be in Cali on a Thursday I had to look into getting tickets to America's Best Dance Crew (one of our favorite shows). We have watched every season and I always turn to Tanya and say "imagine how fun it would be to sit in the audience and see it live." I applied for tickets and got them! It was a blast. We couldn't take the camera in but we dressed like classy hip-hop hooligans and we ended up being on the 2nd row with amazing seats. JC Chasez of N'Sync Fame was 2 feet away from Tanya (her tween-aged dreams coming true) and she got to Shake Mario Lopez's hand (AC Slater). Lil' Mama was rockin the bedazzled outfit and it was a great show - such a party!
We stayed with Kari, one of the SuperMoms that we did the reality show pilot with. She lives in Garden City near anaheim and was so nice to let us stay with her. She got us into Disneyland for free and the other supermom Kim met us there too. They were great tour guides and really knew how to work the Disneyland system. This is the Rasmussen family posing in front of the R (California Adventure Tradish).

I highly recommend going to DL on your B-day. They give you this pin and EVERY worker says "Happy Birthday" to you. I think they're contractually obligated, but I was loving it!

Kari's little boy Brendan. We rocked the Toy Story ride.

Runaway train.

We loves roller coasters.

We had never been to Disneyland together. Twas fun.

With the supermoms. Love these ladies.

Our favorite ride EVER!!! Never gets old.

Misty & Doug (Tanya's aunt and uncle) and Kari recommended Crystal Cove as a fun beach. It really was great. We got to frolick in the waves, take a nap, and look for cool shells and ocean life in the tide pools.

My hot wife.

I tried to play in the toilet bowl but the waves were naughty and vicious

We want our lives to be this - all the time.

When we lived in Hawaii we went to Dukes in Waikiki one time and fell in love with it - Hula Pie and Criss-Cut fries that can't be beat! We went to the one in Huntington and reminisced.

Hula pie - better than almost any dessert we've ever had. Packed with macadamia nuts and covered in hot fudge.
Sunset at Huntington

Oh how much we will miss the beach.


Ashley.Latimer said...

This blog post is Darls. (Am I over using that) Who cares, I like it. Ps. Camping YES!

Danielle Perona said...

Looks like a perfect way to bid Summer farewell. You two are a blast!

Erin said...

What a fun trip! Love all the fun sites you got to see and if you can't sink your toes into Hawaii sand, California will do!

Love, love, love Didney. It truly is the happiest place on earth.

And I'm way jealous you got to shake Slater's hand....I'm sure he's got a killer grip.

And Tanya, could you be any hotter? Geez girl. I need your diet secrets...

sunsearay said...

We LOVED LOVED having you stay with us! Im so happy that you two had a grand 'ol time!! :D And thanks for the comment on the rolls... heehee :D

Love you two!!

Heather said...

Why you two gotta go around making the rest of us "newly"weds look boring and lame? Looks like you guys are having fun!