Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy 60th STER-DE-DURR!

My dad is turning 60 on Wednesday (I know, he looks 40) and we all wanted him to go sky diving to celebrate. He used to be a Green Baret and has jumped out of planes several times, but never for leisure. They didn't even have a free fall, the parachute would just instantly open. We all went to watch him.

With "Fish," his tandem guy from South Africa. He was in good hands.

His last step on the ground as an alive man? Maybe

Oh, so his parachute DIDN'T WORK! We were all on the ground waiting for them to start coming down and this parachute just comes flapping to the ground without a person on it. We all kind of panicked for a minute, but then we saw him come down on his reserve chute. Fish had to cut the other one away and go for backup. Exciting!

Brenden's reaction when he saw the parachute coming to the ground without "pop pop" on it.
He made it!

Happy Birthday "Pop Pop" - We love you!

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