Monday, August 10, 2009

Park, Island

This past week we went to Island Park, Idaho for the annual Rasmussen side of the family trip. Usually not very many people from our family make it, but this year EVERY SINGLE PERSON was there (even those that live in CA and the east coast). It was so much fun. We stayed in the cabin of a guy who was in the NFL and he had plastered tacky Bears/Steelers stuff (the teams he played for) all over the cabin, but it was very nice and right on the lake. We had a fire every night and the water was pretty much glass 24/7. Here are highlights

Baby Enderito didn't love the life jacket, but when it came off he was just happy to be in the sun.

We went to Yellowstone (Matt and Amy had never been) and it was fun. Just a buffalo traipsing down the road . . . the ushe

'Da kids at some hot pots

We took a picture exactly like this last year - it's now "tradish"

Just admiring a resting buffalo on the plains

At the top of a waterfall. We look frazzled because it was hailing.

We rented a raft and floated (very slowly) down a river. It was nice and relaxing (for those that didn't have to paddle). I had to catch up after stopping for a rope swing!

Fruit by the foot - a childhood treat that you're never too old to eat!

At the front of the boat watching for icebergs

The children beat this cowboy boot pinata until it burst

We took 18 month old Brenden on a tube ride - You've got to start them young if you want them to be good competition for tube wars.

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Danielle Perona said...

M.J. loves me some fruit by the foot! Fun pics. I'm going to steal some and post them myself.