Monday, August 10, 2009

We looked in the dictionary under the word "DARLS" and this is what we saw

We found these outfits at The Children's Place and had to buy matchy-matchy.

Enderito in his home state of New Jersey

OK I was going to do a whole post about how darls these little hamburger cookies are, but couldn't justify it. We saw them at Tanya's work BBQ and I couldn't shut up about them. Right when we got home I put one on a pedestal (literally) in our kitchen and it sits there next to our other pride and joy (our goldfish Tyrone). Then Tanya made them for her brother's birthday (she knew his head would explode like mine did when he saw them) and for my Grandma's 80th Birthday (whose head also exploded).

Glowsticks are basically really cheap baby sitters FYI

We're pretty much obsessed with our nephews and they are so fun to hang with.


liz + josh said...

rod- i totally make those hamburger treats, too. however, i use cupcakes for the buns and brownies for the patty. i agree... they are!

Jamie said...

Rod & Tan

You should add Joe and I to your bloglist. I would add you to, just tell me how to do it cause I am not good at anything in blogworld, including updating. Your nephews are so cute, get them started early on Monop for a successful life :)