Monday, December 14, 2009

1 Year

We've been so busy with school we haven't kept up very well on our blog, but Tan and I recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary!! The time flew by, I can't believe we've been married that long. I can't wait for many, many, many (unlimited) more years to spend with my BFF!

We made it an all weekend affair. Any excuse to party it up, right?

We decided to class up the joint and go to The Roof. Tanya had never been there and I hadn't been since junior prom, but I remember it being really good. It didn't disappoint. The food was great and we got to eat unlimited amounts of Mahi Mahi (to reenact the large amounts we had at our wedding dinner on Oahu)

And don't forget the dessert buffet

Our seats were right at the window and this was our view of Temple Square. Very pretty

The next day we continued to celebrate by going to lunch at Pounder's Hawaiian Grill.

And yes, I got the Hukilau Burger, complete with fried egg and Spam. Soooo good!

Of course Martinellis were involved . . .

And cackling to boot

And although Tanya sold her wedding dress, she kept the veil and just had to make sure it still fit. It did, and she looked darls.


Ashley.Latimer said...

Pshhh, you guys are darls.
Happy one year!

Hannah said...

I love you guys!!! Such a cute and fun couple!!! :) CONGRATS!!!

deanna said...

woot! woot! I think you kids will make it a bunch more years (at least I hope so now that I'm posting this)

Jamie said...

Cute Couple you two make. What are your race numbers on your fridge from?!

The Webers said...

Wow, 1 Year! Such a fun way to celebrate! Congrats!