Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update Overload

Wow! We somehow got really busy this last month (something about work and school and holidays and stuff). Time for a major update!

Just kidding! Our fetus doesn't drink Starbucks, he hates chain coffee shops. Just kidding, there is no fetus b/c we're not even close to having childrets.
Tanya will graduate from the University of Utah in 2 weeks! She is extremely excited and extremely ready to never commute to that campus again. I (Rod) am very proud of her.

We had a very fun Halloween with our BFFs Curtis and Ashley. We totally went to a cool married kids party and it was classy and fun and there wasn't a slutty outfit in sight (except for a couple of scantily clad trolls). We topped the night off by going to the downtown Dee's at 1 am. Definitely worth staying up for!

I (Rod) was offered a job yesterday to do all the online marketing for a singer named Lindsay Aline. She is an up-and-comer and i think it's going to be really good experience. It pays twice as much as my internship that I've been doing all fall. Today I was let go at my internship (well, not hired on like I thought I would be). Everything happens for a reason and I'm just so glad I got a new job before, or I might be freaking out. I was let go by email (ghetto) but I'm at peace with it and know there are better things out there for me. Next stop - managing Lady GaGa's Twitter and Facebook accounts!

Just a quick note that this time last year we were on Oahu with both of our entire families, staying in a giant house with a 10 person jacuzzi, no finals ahead, trying to scramble and find a place on the North Shore to have our wedding dinner, eating matsumotos, and getting ready for the best day of our lives. I can't believe we've almost been married a year!

We are so excited for Christmas. We were lucky to get some festive decorations from Tanya's mom and our little apartment really feels like home with the fire burning as we drink hot chocolate and play Christmas music.

We had Thanksgiving at Tanya's parents' house with her dad's family and then we went to St. George for the weekend with my family. We went swimming and did lots of black friday shopping (at a reasonable hour of course). We also got to watch lots of movies like Finding Nemo, 13 Going on 30, Star Trek, My Sister's Keeper, Cheaper By the Dozen, Blades of Glory, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the newer one) and lots of Planet Earth. Way more feel-good movies than I'm used to, but good stuff.

We hope everyone else is doing well too!


The Smiths said...

hey! Did you know lindsay is from our home ward in CA? Congrats on the job.

Ashley.Latimer said...

Don't frighten me with pictures of fetus' on your blog update, not that I believed it, but 3% of me was concerned. Love the blog post. Glad you guys had a good weekend!

deanna said...

I'm tired now from your blog.