Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just Because

WAHOO! Spring has sprung and the popcorn trees get me all riled up!
Today we spent the entire day riding around with the sunroof open and sporting shorts, like most of you. Businesses kept their doors wide open and people were walking around with sunburns. There's nothing better. We got brown toppers at Arctic Circle (it was either that or a slushy from Sonic - maybe next time).

Things are getting exciting around here. This week I sold "my precious" (my car). Jaikwonda the Honda has a new owner now. I was very sad to see her go, but I know that it's for the best that we go down to one car.
"Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend . . . you have been the one . . . you have been the one for me"

Last night we went to a Venezuelan restaurant for dinner. It was really fun because I pretty much hadn't had Venezuelan food since my mission and Tanya has never had it. We ate tequeños, empanadas, arepas, plátanos fritos, caraotas, and frescolitas (bubble gum soda). It was very authentic and pretty good, although how could cheese wrapped in dough and then fried not be good?
2 finals down, 2 to go for me! Each day of this semester dragged on, but overall it has flown by. Soon I can say:
And 3 weeks from right now we will be on a plane to
Just sayin'


Suzi Q said...

I love the blossoms on the trees! :) Sorry to hear about your car but to be honest I can't feel too bad for are moving to Hawaii!!! ~Jealous~

DUSTIN AND LAUREN said...'re so close!!! You guys are going to have such a great summer!!!