Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ready and Waiting

I feel like time is moving so slowly that it might actually be going backwards.
All of our plans are in place.
We have plane tickets.
We have a house.
I have been accepted to school,
and Rod has a lot of good leads on jobs.

I want to be there NOW.

The problem is I’m wishing every day away and then all of a sudden it will be July 21st and I will realize how much I am going to miss our families and friends.

We REALLY want people to come visit.
I’m going to make a giant calendar for our house and schedule people in, so you better book your stay at our shack ASAP!

I long for the smell of the OCEAN.
I can’t wait to ride my bike to school every. single. day.
I'm excited to teach.
My student teaching is already set up for King Intermediate School in Kaneohe.
It's really happening!

I am also excited for Rod and I to be on our own.
We have a sweeeet setup living in Sterling and Cheryl’s basement apartment
and I know I’ll miss the huge closets, nice furniture, and endless canned food supply.
I will also miss being so close to them.
Rod and I will be on our own for the first time.
REALLY on our own.
Like Christmas with just the two of us alone.
I am excited for the adventure.
Is it JULY yet?

Rod tells me to be patient.
I'll try to listen to him.


Allison and Josh said...

That sounds amazing and so fun!! That will be such an awesome adventure for you guys. I would love to do something like that. I am in love with Hawaii and dream about it everyday! And congrats on getting into school. You will be a great teacher!

Paul and Shannie said...

Good for you! Way to follow your dreams. I think that would be awesome to live in Hawaii, what an adventure! Moving is so much harder with a baby so it is good you are doing it before you have babies. ;)

sunsearay said...

Book us in!! We would love to come see you!! and... Hawaii! ;) I would love to take the girls the the PCC, and like if you could join us!! That would be fun for us!!

You two are amazing! I just admire how strong willed you are at making your dreams come true! I hope I can learn from you two.... Love you guys!!

Amanda Swenson said...

I am so excited for you! I want to come visit! Please, please please!!

Shawna Wilson said...

um pretty sure we will be scheduling a girls trip!! you... me... pennie... mary...

oh ya
it's happening

Shawna Wilson said...

also you guys are living the perfect newlywed dream!! Way to take advantage of living it up before the hellions come!!

Gentry said...

patience is never possible for hawaii, so don't even bother. i would like to officially book my stay at The Rasmussen Country Club Studio Shack to celebrate my 25th anniversary of being alive. party time hussy style, no battle.