Sunday, June 13, 2010

We've got to get to the sea

On Friday Rodney and I cleared the last of many hurdles on our way to Hawaii. It was my last day of work, and Rod took the GMAT.

I have worked for IHC for almost five years! I honestly cannot remember what it feels like to not work at a hospital. The only other job I've had is teaching dance (if you can even call that a job).

Rod has spent every waking moment since we got home from Costa Rica studying for the GMAT. He probably won't apply for grad school for a couple years (they like you to have work experience first), but he had the time and knew it would be great to get it out of the way. He did awesome! His score is good enough to get into most of the schools he has been thinking of.

Now the plan: Move to Hawaii until my program is done (next June) and after that, who knows! We may stay in Hawaii, or we may move back to Utah to start saving up for a home and not lose residency (Rod wants to get his MBA at the U in a few years).

We cannot wait for this adventure in our lives.

To celebrate our new found freedom we did the following:

Dinner at Macaroni Grille

On Saturday we went to the Spill Canvas concert (thanks Gent!) It was awesome. I love going to shows with Rodney.

We don't have much time left before we leave.
We are going to Lake Powell, San Fran, Lake Powell again, and we somehow have to pack everything we own and put it in storage.

Plus cramming in time with family and friends.

We are so happy to have reached this point. It was a long winter!
It's all down hill from here.

p.s. new Jack Johnson CD completes my life right now.


deanna said...

You guys are kinda super cute together.

Suzi Q said...

how exciting! again i'm living vicariously through you so keep your blog up to date with all of your adventures. :) you guys are such a fun couple!