Monday, August 2, 2010


We finally feel like we have cleaned and fixed our place to our liking.
Here are some pics of it

The outside (and Suzi with her new Hawaii plates)
Our patio and dining table
Our bedroom/living room.
For some reason half of our kitchen is in our living room.
Our backyard and hot tub.
Our kitchen

It's all we ever wanted and more.


Suzi Q said...

What a cute place! Did I mention I hate you both a little bit!? :) PS- I love that you named your car after me. JK

Rosie said...

Hi Tanya! I just found your blog. That is so fun that you two moved to Hawaii! I hope you and your hubby have many a fun adventure there. I miss seeing you and your fam across the street :) Say hi to your mom for me when you get a sec!