Saturday, August 7, 2010


We had a pretty good week. Tanya met the teacher and saw the classroom where she will be doing her student teaching starting in September. The teacher talked about how teaching health is so much fun and that she will love it. I also (finally) got a job. I guess we have only been here for two and a half weeks, but it felt like an eternity trying to look for a job. I'm going to be doing marketing for a medical sleep center and am pretty excited!

To celebrate our victories, we had to go on a date to Waikiki. Although it isn't even close to being the best part of Oahu (I honestly don't understand why people spend so much time there), it is still fun to visit.

We started out going to the beach and relaxing
Then we went to Duke's, our favorite Waikiki restaurant. They have patio seating right on the beach with an amazing view of Diamond Head. They also had live music. This was the view from our table.
They have such good bar food. These buffalo wings surpassed my high expectations and don't even get me started on the pork nachos and criss-cut spicy fries.
We watched the sun set from our table
Then we went to all the little shops and just walked around. We ran into a Japanese street festival
Today we went to Hukilau and boogie boarded the afternoon away
Then we barbecued hamburglers in our little yard.


Danielle Perona said...

Dream life. BTW You guys already look tan. No Fair!

ashleyb. said...

Looks like a dream life! Can't wait to join you in October!

Mary said...

I'm so sorry about your sad life....MY GOSH GIRL YOU GUYS KNOW HOW TO LIVE IT RIGHT!!!!! I want to come with your mom big time!

Suzi Q said...

Ugh! I want to be you guys for a day...ok maybe a week! :)

Becca said...

Just finished student teaching at AMES High School, that would be a blast to do it in Hawaii!

Alan and Alexis said...

Looks like you guys are living the dream! I would love to go to Hawaii any day! My sister in law and her husband are there now on vacation. I don't remember which island though.

Jess said...

i love what you said about loving how you get to feel the spirit while your at school. Thats awesome.