Saturday, September 4, 2010

One Night in Bangkok

We have heard nothing but good things about Thailand. We have wanted to go there for awhile now. We feel like we've done the Latin America thing a lot (which we have loved) but we long to see a new part of the world. This year in Lake Powell while everyone else was reading books about Mount Everest, Polygamy, or the latest Nicholas Sparks, I read a Thailand travel guide cover-to-cover. I'm addicted. My Aunt Candy and Tanya's Uncle Randy both served their mission there as well as our friend Nik, who all describe it as amazing. Some of our favorite reality shows have also visited there.

We promised ourselves that while we were living in Hawaii, we would travel somewhere even further west than here, so as to get cheaper tickets and a shorter flight - because we all know that traveling is fun, but TRAVELING (getting there and back) sucks. What we failed to realize is that since Hawaii is a top travel destination, flights are still very expensive to places like Australia, Asia, and the other Pacific Islands. Dang. Every flight flight from Honolulu to Bangkok was still about $1,200 a person ($1,500 a person from SLC).

The other day we stumbled upon $850 round-trip tickets. The timing coincides perfectly with Tanya finishing her student teaching. There is also a one day layover in the Philippines both ways, which is cool.

Last night we booked the tickets! It all happened so fast. My parents wanted to come along with us so we booked together! We will be spending a week and a half there next May/June!

I am personally excited to cross three things off of my bucket list:

1 - Ride an elephant through the jungle
2 - Sleep on a train overnight.
3 - Travel to every continent except Antarctica (well, we still need to go to Australia and Europe, but at least we're one step closer).
The beaches and ocean are supposed to be mind blowing
We love Thai food
And can't wait to explore old temples


Grandma Cheryl said...

See you there!

nicole said...

Thailand is a beauty, yes, especially Phuket, but you must visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia while you're out there!

Gentry said...

i am so unbelievably jealous! but i love you anyway.

ashleyb. said...

Lucky! Hopefully while you guys are in Thailand we may be in Iceland, or somewhere. Hopefully somewhere awesome that we can share pics and crazy stories. Hawaii is like a month away, just sayin'.

zarbocks said...

k crazy world and nic were just talking bout how we want to go!baaa but we have to wait cuz apparently we both need ot graduate school ha

Mary said...

In my next life I want to be you!


Hey Rod!!! That sounds awesome!!! My friend Chelsea went there for 2 weeks this year and backpacked around. Here is her blog She posted a ton of posts...maybe you could get some ideas of where to go, etc. Or you could write on her blog with questions. I'm jealous!!

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

wow, you guys are crazy awesome! have a fantastic time in may!