Sunday, September 26, 2010


This weekend our ward had a camp-out at Hukilau Beach Park. We decided to go all out and buy a $22 tent from Wal-Mart so we could camp with everyone.

We set up our tent in the dark and realized that when they say it fits two people, they really mean it fits one short person. It was EXTREMELY small. I guess you get what you pay for (but really, we're returning it and getting our money back).
We sat around and talked and grilled hot dogs. Throughout the night our conversations kept going back to TV shows and we realized we aren't the only couple on earth obsessed with TV. We thought we were kind of stupid for loving it so much but it turns out all the cool kids do!
Somehow I became friends with an obsessed BYU fan. Hey buddy, how's that Quest for Perfection going so far this season? Our bromance is based around surfing and swearing and fast food, so it's all good.
I luff her
Smores = tradish
Night swim = new tradish
There were tears and there were sore necks and bodies, but somehow we survived the night in our elf tent and were able to enjoy the sun rising over Hukilau Beach!
Let's do it again sometime - with a bigger tent please

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pennie said...

That tent was made for Hobbits!!!!