Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some Assembly Required

I am not handy, no not in the least. My dad can fix anything and everything and so I never had to. This is a huge disadvantage now that I live an ocean away from him.

My parents gave us some money for a housewarming gift (a grill) when we moved. After two months of searching, we finally found the perfect gas grill. The problem is that some assembly was required. I thought it would be good practice for me, but when I opened the box and I saw all these parts, I panicked.
But it all worked out! We broke it in when we had the sister missionaries over for lunch and fed them hamburgers. This will be a lot easier than heating up charcoal every time we want to BBQ for dinner, and it's the perfect size.

Also, FYI, we're EXTREMELY excited because the following crazy kooks will be joining us on 'da islands in approximately 1 week! Aloha snitches!


pennie said...

Yay! Rodney did it!!!!!

ashleyb. said...

Nice work on the assembly. Curtis would be proud.