Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend

This weekend started out with Tanya deciding she wanted her hair chopped and colored dark, so she had our friend Natalie do it. She's an awesome hairstylist. Isn't it hot?
On Saturday morning I ran my first half marathon. It was at Gunstock Ranch which is right by Laie. It was a crazy course. The whole thing was a trail run with steep hills, through forests and jungle areas, and pastures. There was even one point where a bunch of us got to a river and wondered where the trail went - then we saw the colored flags on the other side. We had to cross the knee-deep waters (twice) and ended up slipping through the mud after. I had a lot of fun though and will possibly train for a full marathon within the next year (Maybe the St. George?)
Tannie was nice enough to cheer me on and make me this sign
Yesterday afternoon we went to a new beach that was really cool with our friends Mark and Natalie. It was nice and secluded. Best Halloween ever?
Mark taught me how to spearfish, but the conditions were not ideal, so we didn't catch anything
Last night we went to our ward's Halloween party. It was good old family fun with everyone and their babies! Haha. And musical chairs . . . it happened - and it got really intense.
We dressed up as tourists - sadly, we already had a lot of the items that we wore
And ate so many sweets that our heads almost exploded. Tanya made the white ghost cookies
Halloween was more fun here than we thought it would be. People get really into it and don't have to ruin their costumes with coats and sweatshirts!


ashleyb. said...

Tanya, it looks really great. Seriously. I LOVE it. I always love a great short cut. She did an awesome job!

sweetreads said...

Super cute hair Tanya! Way to go Rod on your half! Maybe one day I will be as cool as both of you. Maybe, if I'm lucky.


Cute hair Tanya!! And I am JEALOUS of your Halloween!!!

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

cute, i love your hair! and congrats on the race rod!