Monday, October 18, 2010


This past week our BFFs Curtis, Ashley, and Gentry flew in from Utah for Fall break and spent the week with us in our little bungalow. We both met Gentry here three years ago when we were all visiting students at BYUH, and she loves Hawaii just as much as we do. Curtis had never been to Oahu and Ash had never been to Hawaii at all, so it was fun to experience it with them.

The first night we went walking on the beach and ended up digging up a big black crab!
The next morning we went walking on bikini beach right by our house to collect bottles (our new thing) and ended up at this world war II bunker on the beach.
Then we headed north to Haleiwa for some shave ice at Matsumotos
And to Waimea for some beach and cliff jumping!
Then to Sunset Beach to watch the sun set.
The next morning (well, 3:00 AM) we woke up and started hiking Stairway to Heaven. This hike is amazing and such a rush. It is illegal to climb but people do it anyway. It's all stairs (basically scaffolding) that was built up sheer cliffs to a world war II satellite on the top of a mountain.

We made it to the top in time to watch the sun rise over Kaneohe Bay
That night Ashley made a pumpkin cake and we celebrated Gentry's 25th Birthday
And the junk food never stopped the whole week
(as well as playing Settlers of Catan every night and having pumpkin cookies 3 different times)
This is how it should always be
We went to the Japanese temple
And hiked to the Makapu'u lighthouse. The hike was hot, but we will be going back in a few months to whale watch because it has amazing ocean views and you can see Moloka'i from here.
We went to Sandy Beach Park to get rocked in the waves and I recreated an infamous picture from June 2007
Tried (and failed) to take jumping pictures
Our most recent purchase is these beach chairs that, if you want to look like a dork, can be worn as a backpack. They make the beach a breeze though and we love them. They even have a cooler on the back and a drink holder on the handle. I'm sure that drink holder will see its share of Diet Coke over the next few months.
We sat on the grassy knoll at Hukulau beach and each read separate installments of The Hunger Games series
And did another illegal hike to Sacred Falls near Hau'ula
We took them to all our favorite haunts, like Kahuku Grill and Ted's Bakery
We also went snorkeling at Shark's Cove, where Curtis and I ran into this friendly sea turtle

They all just went home and our house feels empty without them.
Thanks for coming guys!


Gentry said...

mahalo means THANK YOU! best week of 2010 no battle.

ashleyb. said...

Best fall break three lucky utahns could ever ask for. Thanks again!!