Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This past weekend they finally re-opened the Laie Temple for an open house after almost 2 years of being closed for major renovations. The last time we went in it was the day we got married, and it closed a couple of weeks later. It is open to the public for the next month and then the prophet will come here and rededicate it the weekend before Thanksgiving. We are excited to be able to go again!

Today we had tickets for the open house. They started by showing a movie in these tents about temples and about the history of the church in Laie.
Then we got to go and take a tour of it. It is SO NICE inside. They redid everything - Carpeting, walls, chandaliers, furniture, setup, the font, etc. They re-did the outside as well. Now the entrance is more open (it used to be a room that looked straight out of the 70's (see wedding picture below) and they also have Gold accents all around the outside.
Then we walked around the grounds and ended up at the visitors' center, which we had never been to.

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Suzi Q said...

How fun!! What a beautiful temple! PS Tan I LOVE your wedding dress and the orange flower! Perf!