Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Duh, Winning!

With my teaching job not starting until August and Rod still looking for work we've had a lot of time to be together lately. Even though he worries about getting a job all day every day we are trying to enjoy the time because we know it will never be like this again.

Exhibit A:

Baby Peach = Me

Diddy Kong = Rod

Just sayin'.

I promise this isn't all we are doing these days. I have actually been working at my school this week trying to help get all of our students assessed for the new school year. It's not a ton of hours, but it's good for now. Rod is studying for the GMAT, he became certified in Google AdWords, and he has had 3 job interviews in the past week with one more coming up on Thursday. I'm not worried about him one bit. It's a tough economy, but he is so smart and personable. He's going to make sure the job he takes is a good fit for him and the company is one he'll want to stay with for awhile.

In the meantime we are living with my parents. My brothers love it (maybe because of all the Wii?) and my mom feeds us (which is a huge blessing).

We will be moving back into our basement apartment at Rod's house soon. Cher Bear has also been providing countless delicious meals and offers us food anytime we stop by. We have great family taking wonderful care of us.

We are a bit transient right now, but I don't mind it too much. We've been living out of suitcases since the end of May! But like my mom says, we'll never be this free again so we'll take it for what it is.


{she + him} said...

I hope you bow every time you beat da boyz! What I wouldn't give for legitimate home-cooked meals every night?! Suitcase life is rough, but it's a small price to pay all things considered. I can't wait for your family to take care of Tommy and I when we arrive in Utah...HAHA!

deanna said...

I think I'm making a career out of gypsy life... literally.

A. Verzello said...

Home cooked meals from mom and dad are heaven! There is nothing wrong with being transient at this stage in your lives. Good luck with the lesson planning.