Friday, July 29, 2011


Ever since we got married, we always knew we would move to Hawaii, so we didn't dare buy anything bulky that we would have to store.  The only furniture we own is our bed and our dining table.  Now that we're back in Utah for good, we can finally start collecting things!

My parents' old bedroom set was up for grabs, so Tanya and I snatched up their dresser and nightstands.  We decided we wanted to update them a little.

This is how they all looked before


Tanya got right to work (with a TON of help from her mom) sanding and painting and staining and sanding more (I helped a little when I could).   

We got some sweet hardware from Anthropologie (the green ones were on sale from $10 each to $2.95 each!)
These are our nightstands
And this is our dresser and mirror


deanna said...

phenomenally phenomenal job!

{she + him} said...

Gotta love them DIY projects! Anthro has thee best knobs & pulls known to man! Well done.

Ashley B. said...

Reeeeeaaaalllllyyyy. I don't know why I wrote that. Probably because I'm looking forward to Ace Ventura Pet Detective and I had to throw it out there. Love the furniture. Can't wait to go yard saling through salt lake...we might be going tomorrow. Don't hate us! You are in St. George living a dream summer! We go next weekend or the next.

A. Verzello said...

Super impressive DIY job! It's amazing the difference a little paint + distressing + new hardware can have. Those pieces look like something you'd pay big bucks for; you don't even notice the furniture's older style.

Suzi Q said...

SO SO SO CUTE! They turned out beautifully! I LOVE them!

Jess and Chris said...

Your blog is so fun!! I'm jozie's friend that worked with her at pcc! I met you a couple times at church! I LOVE your furniture and am actually wondering how exactly you didnit and what the grayish colorednpaint is called!! Looks awesome!!