Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Death Cab

One thing I really missed while we were in Hawaii was going to concerts. Lately we have been making up for lost time. When I found out Death Cab was coming to Salt Lake I begged Rod to get us tickets, but I guess something about going to Thailand, moving home from Hawaii, and not having jobs made him a little hesitant. By the time we were settled and had some income coming in all of the GA seats were sold out. Yesterday I was feeling really sad that we were going to miss the show. Sometime in the afternoon Curtis called me and said that they had TWO extra tickets for cheap AND they were in a VIP box! We were treated like kings! We had great seats, free food, and drinks. PLUS we didn't have to stand for three hours in a sweaty crowd of people. It was amazing. Thanks again C&A! We had so much fun!

Even though we ate dinner before the concert the guys did not want to pass up free food. Rod was in heaven . . . buffalo wings, sliders, and mozzarella sticks.

They played a lot of older stuff and some of my favorites off of their new album. "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" made me cry, it was incredible. 

I think we are spoiled now . . . I'm not sure I can ever do GA again! 


{she + him} said...

Holy Crap! That's amazing! I have yet to go to a Death Cab concert...in general, let alone with box seats! C & A better be your heroes, bc they literally saved the day. I am SO excited for yallz...and of course jeals. What else is new, right?!

brynne said...

you look like a dream, tanya and so fun! i love concerts. especially death cab!

Suzi Q said...

So Fun!