Sunday, August 7, 2011


This weekend we took Ellie on her first camping trip! Curtis and Ash came with us to the Uintas and we had a great time.

It took us a long time to find a campsite, but once we did we had an amazing meal. Tin foil dinners and dutch oven peach cobbler at 11:30 at night! Being full, cold, and sitting around the fire we may have gotten a little slap happy. Add some diet coke and cinnamon bears . . . perfection.

One of our favorite things about our Element is that you can fold the seats all the way down and sleep in it! We tried it this weekend I was really surprised how comfortable it was. Reason number 105 that we love our new car. 

The next morning we hiked Bald Mountain. It was freezing but really beautiful. We saw snow for the first time since December!


{she + him} said...

My Oh My! Dutch Oven peach cobbler sounds amazing! Do you think Ellie has the capacity for Willy Wonka style sleeping arrangements? If so, you could add that to the reasons why I love Ellie...

{she + him} said...

p.s. I'm lovin the new blog make-over...the font, the photo, all of it!