Thursday, September 15, 2011


Life is about to get a lot crazier - I just found out today that I am accepted into the Professional MBA Program at the University of Utah! And I'm starting in January!

Ever since I graduated from BYU, I have known that I wanted to go back and get a Master's Degree. This became even more important as I entered the real world and saw how competitive the job market is, even with a Bachelor's Degree. To do the things that I want to in my career, I need more education.

I took the GMAT last Summer right after I graduated, and I got a pretty good overall score. However, the math section was a little low. I thought I might have to re-take it just for that reason. I have been studying for the last two months and signed up to re-take it on September 21st. Meanwhile I applied for this program anyway, with my original score. 

Now that I'm in, I have zero motivation to take it, and they DO NOT give refunds. Last Summer my friend Curtis took the GMAT around the same time as me. He had a bad accident involving his finger being sliced open by a fish bowl, and he couldn't even write. They gave him so much trouble for just trying to reschedule his test. Basically I just threw $250 down the drain, and I'm probably going to take the stupid thing anyway (all 4 hours) since I already paid for it. 

Despite the GMAT drama, I'm thrilled. This program is perfect because it allows you to continue working full-time, while attending classes two nights a week. I will be crazy busy, but I think it's doable. I love my job and couldn't imagine walking away from it to go back to school. I was also adamant about going to a different school than BYU, to get a whole different experience.

Class of 2014 up in HURRR!


{she + him} said...

Congrats & Cheers! I'n so proud of you and excited for you! Just go into jozie-mode and you can accomplish anything. Literally, I'm part robot/perfectionist/workaholic. This calls for a little dose of BSnP!!!!

Tommy said...

Rod-doggin' it all night long! Congrats to you my friend.

A. Verzello said...

Congrats!!! Graduate degrees are legit.

Suzi Q said...

Congrats!! It kind of makes me feel old having all of these friends getting their MBAs! Aren't we still 18??