Friday, September 2, 2011

Up At 4

It's 4 a.m. and I (Rodney) can't sleep.  This is upsetting, but I'll do a blog post and hopefully make myself tired again so I can catch another hour before the 6:30 alarm.  Here's a random slew of what's been happening lately in our lives.  

My Birthday came and went and I'm 27.  27 seems so old, but I don't feel too old so it's okay.  Tannie knows what i like, so she bought me a black Wii!  

Donkey Kong Country Returns = favorite game ever (possibly tied with Mario Kart).  I grew up playing every Donkey Kong game that existed, and this one is like all of them rolled into one, then injected with steroids and acid, with 15 years of updated technology.  Some nights, we get so into it that we have to remind ourselves that it's just a game.  

Tanya is going to kill me for posting this.  Sorry loves.  She's so nice and always makes me whatever cake I want for my birthday.  Remember last year's Funfetti incident?  The one where our burner was left on and the cake that was supposed to be cooling was actually being burned from the bottom?  And then when we realized what was going on, we moved it to the cool granite counter top to recuperate?  And then the part where our Pyrex (and cake) exploded into a million pieces?  This year she was determined to make up for it.  I wanted pineapple upside-down cake and she even went to the store to get the maraschino cherries.  Somehow the cake slipped and this is the result.  Honestly, I don't even care how it looks, it was HANDS DOWN the best cake I've ever eaten.  Thanks boo!

 Our friends C&A gifted us this old window that they came across.  

 We've been searching for one for awhile now.  We love it and think it fits perfectly with our other decor.

I heard this news today.  What?  It's kind of scary to me because I had 2 interviews with them in July and was a likely candidate to work for their marketing department.  In the end, they actually didn't hire anyone for this position, and now I see why.  I really dodged a bullet.  Everything happens for a reason and I'm glad I didn't have to be a part of this PR nightmare!

Speaking of working, I love my job!  I work with awesome, creative people.  There are 6 of us in the marketing department, and we all get along swimmingly.  I am in charge of the company blog, the company e-newsletter, the company's social media accounts, and any other copy writing that needs to be done. 

 After today, Tanya will have survived her first week of being a teacher!  It hasn't been easy, but yesterday she commented "there's something to be said about working a 13 hour day and then being excited to go back the next morning."  Touche.  When she started on Monday, her brand new school wasn't even finished.  Her classroom had no desks, no chairs, no bulletin boards, etc.  She is a P.E. teacher and the gym is not done yet (and might not be until December).  There is no grass planted outside of the school.  She has been a trooper and loves having control over her own classroom.  When she told her health classes that she would be their P.E. teacher next semester, they cheered.  Yeah, she's that teacher.

We (along with everyone else) recently discovered Pinterest.  It didn't take long to come up with a pinboard of future travel dreams.
Happy Friday and Labor Day!


Ashley B. said...

Hahahahaha I never heard about that funfetti incident. That is hysterical. Don't worry Tan. I have plenty of these same incidents. It's always good to just laugh at them.

{she + him} said...

Holla to those who can't sleep! I was up at 5am to study for my last final--yutt. Can you add a plus two to your travel wish list?

You two had so much fun on your birthday that you forgot about our Skype date! Tommy and I had a song & dance prepared in your honor...haha. I have been begging Tommy for a Wii too, but it'll prob have to wait until after I'm graduated bc it'll be too distracting!

A. Verzello said...

Ugh, I hate it when I can't sleep and my wake-up time is looming. Tanya is so nice to make you your favorite cake--it still looked delicious from the pic.

You're right, apparently everyone has discovered PInterest recently! I just checked my "add friends from Facebook" option and everyone's on. The internet makes it so easy to dream.