Friday, March 30, 2012

Birthday Bash

Hello world, I'm 25!

Quarter of a Cench!

(Me with my early birthday present . . . Remy)

Last weekend Rod threw my mom and I a huge birthday party! My mom had me 3 days before she turned 25, 25 years ago! She's 50 and I'm 25! 

Rod planned for 37 of our close friends and family members to go see Hunger Games and eat dinner. It was a smashing success. I am so lucky to have such a sweet, thoughtful, organized husband. He should be a professional planner. Parties, vacations, weddings, etc. He does it all. 

Thanks for making my birthday so fun Rodney! I loves you. 


{she + him} said...

Wish I had been there to make it an "official" BSnP celebration! know me, just always giving myself too much credit. Gross. Tanzie, you are one lucky lady. Rodney, well done...the ushe.

deanna said...

Lucky birthday girl!

Suzi Q said...

How exciting! Nice planning Rod!