Sunday, August 26, 2012


A couple of weeks ago we did Cahoots. You basically compete in teams of two running and going through lots of different obstacles. Our favorites were ziplining into the mud, swinging on a trapeze over mud, climbing through tubes in muddy water, sliding down tubes into muddy water, army crawling through mud, climbing over steep walls while muddy - you get the idea. Oh, there were also electric fences that you had to hold hands around and if you slipped you got shocked! It was at Soldier Hollow in Midway and we did it with Tanya's good friend Tania and her husband as well as some of their friends. The market is so saturated with these kinds of crazy races (color races, mud races, warrior races, etc.), but we just keep buying into it because they really are fun!

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Samantha Marshall said...

K those are the most amazing pictures ever!