Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Rodney turned 28 TODAY! 

28 on the 28th AKA his golden birthday

This is how Rodney should always be - in a swimsuit surrounded by turquoise ocean. This is how he likes it and this is how I always picture him. 

Rodney is such an amazing man. Here are some reasons why (as if you didn't already know)

He recently became a Marketing Manager at Zija International - a job he not only genuinely loves, but is really good at. 

He is in his 3rd semester of the Professional MBA Program at the University of Utah, and he gets good grades!

He is training for the St. George Marathon, and is killing it. 

He has learned to be somewhat handy since we moved into our new house, and I can say our beautiful yard is 100% his doing. 

He keeps my life exciting by constantly planning trips for us - I love his sense of adventure. 

He's such a good dad to Remy, which I realize sounds silly, but it shows that he will be an amazing father some day. 

I'm sorry for bragging about you . . . I know you hates it. 

We love you so much honey boo boo child! You're my one. 

Loves, Tan and Remy 


Pennie said...

We love him too!!!

Janelle and Daniel Champion said...

Did you get honey boo boo child from instagram? From a certain bachelorette finalist? Did I just out myself on following said person? Yup. On another note-you two are so cute. Yay for love. Yay for birfdays. Yay for MFEO.