Thursday, November 13, 2014


In October we took Rexy on his first real vacation! We were excited to show him the ocean (even though it wasn't the Pacific). He was an amazing traveler and we had such a great time! 

He loved sleeping at the beach inside his tent. I think the ocean waves put him to sleep (just like his sound machine at home!)

This tent was a lifesaver. We weren't sure about taking it with us but it was sooo worth it. It kept the sun, wind, and sand out so baby could sleep. 

He's a dreamboat. Seriously happiest baby ever. 

Hottest I've ever been. Besides Thailand. For real!

The gang. We were quite the dream team. 

Miami Art Deco District 

Always a ham. Charming folks everywhere we went. 

Best meal of the whole trip (possibly my whole life?) We were the only non-Cubans in the whole place (always a good sign). Everyone in the restaurant was in love with Rex. And seriously, the food. AMAZING!

Pompa and Gi Gi 

The Everglades

Rex is under there somewhere

Best parents ever? 

He kills me. 

VRBO wins again. The house we rented was really modern and cool. This was the backyard. 

Rex had such a great time in Florida he's already asking us to take him to Hawaii. I really can't wait for that day! 

Here's the video Rod made for our trip:

Florida from Rodney Rasmussen on Vimeo.

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